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Equipo XPEI Drone. Pilotos de drones, operadores de cámara profesionales y acreditados

We are specialized in capturing aerial images with drones for TV, films and advertising. Also in photography and video for work control and monitoring, as well as in the installation of long-term time-lapse cameras.

XPEI DRONE is the commercial name of the UAS operating company "RPAS GESTIÓN SPAIN 2016". Our company is registered as a European drone operator, we are coordinated with all civil airport managers in the Spanish territory (including islands) and we have all the legal requirements to fly in CTR, ATZ and in FIZ airspace flight information zones.

Our drones can also fly legally in an urban environment and over people who take part of the operation.

XPEI DRONE is a company located in Manresa (Barcelona),  specialized  in the field of drones and creative image recording,  with a highly qualified staff and a broad multidisciplinary career.

Since 2015 we have the most advanced technology to carry out the most demanding jobs. Even so, we believe in the ideas over the resources. We adapt to the needs of our clients with innovative and creative solutions.

The satisfaction of our clients it is the guarantee of our success. Therefore, our goal is to achieve the highest quality while keeping the budget as low as possible.

We are the  safe bet for your project.

los mejores pilotos de drones en barcelona. empresa registrada por AESA con titulacion A1/A3, A2 y STS. vuelos en ctr, atz, fiz y urbano


suministrador oficial de imágenes aéreas con drones
drones barcelona
Drones antena 3
xpei drone el terrat
cuatro mediaset españa
clientes de xpei drone fira barcelona
hemos proporcionado imágenes a televisión francesa France 2
vídeos con drones
Productora auviovisual de drones youplanet
imagenes aereas liceu interiores
pilotos de dron profesionales
drones television española
Vídeos aéreos
canal arte
videos con drones
Vídeos con drones
xpei drone realiza imagenes aereas para la agencia catalana de l'aigua
audiovisual drones
empresa de drones en Barcelona
fotografía aérea
oficinas xpei drone manresa


Francesc Macià Street 35, 
08251 Santpedor (Barcelona)


Palau Firal. Polígon Els Dolors.

C/ Castelladral, 5-7.  Local 8

08243 Manresa (Barcelona)

Tel: 616508226

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