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We carry out complete audiovisual productions, from the beginning of the idea, to the delivery of the video. We promote products, corporate videos, events, interviews, documentaries, etc.

We are the result of constant evolution, we continue to grow and expand horizons. We rely on  close relationships with our clients and we know that there is no challenge that we cannot achieve by working together.

Shooting the aerial images of the final gala of "Eufòria".

A few days ago we were filming the musical performance of the "Eufòria" contestants in a fake live show. This recording was part of the beginning of the television program where the winner of the contest would be decided. The final gala of "Eufòria" had an audience of 470,000 people.

Our expert drone pilot Xavier Peiruza flew the DJI Mavic 3 Cine drone at the TV3 facilities in Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona) just at the end of the sunset, with the last light of the afternoon.

Once again Xpei Drone making spectacular aerial images with drone,  for the best television programs.

We continue.

Here you can see the complete program

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Xpei Drone in the "Volem Saber" program.

These days we have been shooting a new installment of the television program  de TV3 "Volem Saber". On this occasion, the presenter, biologist and popularizer Pere Renom helps us understand the two years we have been suffering from Covid, the evolution of the disease and how the new versions of the virus will affect us.

The shoot consisted of two very different locations. The Xpei Drone team traveled to the Ripollés region, where aerial images were recorded with drones in a rural environment. In the second location, aerial images were recorded with drones in Barcelona, in an urban environment, at night and in controlled airspace CTR.

This video shows some of the aerial images with drones that were broadcast on the television program.

Xpei Drone is a company located in Catalonia, specialized in professional aerial recordings with drones that works for audiovisual production companies, cinema, advertising and television.

We also use drones for live television broadcasts or digital streaming. 

Here you can enjoy the full program.

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Recording music video with "ELS PETS".

A few days ago we were flying our drones in the filming of the musical performance that "Els Pets" recorded for the television program "Al Cotxe". Our team traveled to Constantí, in the province of Tarragona, within the Reus CTR, to fly the DJI Mavic 3 Cine.

Previously, XPEI DRONE coordinated with Enaire to fly within the restricted space of the Reus airport (Tarragona), as well as the rest of the necessary permits to fly drones in the area.

At XPEI DRONE there is already extensive experience in filming music videos with drones both in Catalonia and in other areas, such as Andorra.

The Mavic 3 Cine is a drone with excellent quality for the most demanding audiovisual productions, which can be used in advertising shoots, television, documentaries, reports and even in series or movies and with which you can get the best aerial shots. .

In this case, the quality of this professional drone perfectly matched the image of the other cameras. The complete program here.