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Audiovisual monitoring of the entire building or infrastructure construction process. We combine the capture of videos, aerial photography, terrestrial images and time-lapse with the perfect edition to obtain the video that your company needs.

We know the criteria of the administrations for the making of videos as actions to improve public works tenders or competitions.


  • Scoring in public works tenders or competitions for audiovisual monitoring as improvement actions.

  • Periodic technical control in order to monitor the actions carried out and the execution of the project.

  • Corporate or advertising videos.

  • Audiovisual record of presentation of innovative construction techniques.

  • Photography and video for web or social networks.

constuccion obras depuradora infraestructura edificio barcelona ciudad imagenes aereas
seguimiento de obras con camara y dron maquinaria edicion de video
seguimiento evolucion consstruccion con camaras de time lapse camara rapida evolucion tikee




To immortalize several months of work and graphically evaluate the result, the time-lapse is the most appropriate tool.  

With the time-lapse, the monitoring of the work with cameras becomes a communication tool that can be used to share the progress through social networks and exhibit at the end of the work.

The camera sends the data in 4G to the XPEI DRONE monitoring devices, so the client can see the status of the work in real time and compare it with the stored images since its beginning.


timelapse para seguimientos de obra
Tikee barcelona


We carry out the complete video post-production process adapted for each project.

The assembly and editing of images and sound is a vital phase to achieve a better final result of audiovisual content. This process also includes color and sound management, addition of Motion Graphics and animated infographics to increase the degree of audiovisual communication.


A tool that allows an audiovisual presentation of the result of the work or intervention. Win over your clients by showing them virtual representations of your projects and stand out from the competence.

Include the construction process and an animated final render of the work in your presentations and advertising videos!

In addition, we offer the possibility of integrating 3d elements in real scenarios.


seguimientos de obra con drones
seguimientos de obra Tarragona
seguimienos de obra Gerona
seguimientos de obra Girona
seguimientos de obra con drones
seguimientos de obra lleida
seguimientos de obra
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